Railway Infrastructure

44 billion for rail

Total investment for rail will reach to 44 billon TL (€ 5 bn) in 2021.

The investment program of 2021 is officially announced. Investments of state will reach to TL 93 bn TL, where 30% of that (28 bn TL) will be for transportation and communication. Biggest share of this amount will be for railways. Ministry of Transport, TCDD and TCDD Tasimacilik will totally invest 18 bn TL (€ 2 bn) in railways.

Investment for rail systems in cities will reach to 26 bn TL. 8.5 bn of that amount belongs to Ministry of Transport, to be spent for 15 metro/tram projects under its responsibility. Municipalities also have a total budget of 17 bn TL for rail systems. So the total invetment amount for national network and city networks will reach to 44 bn TL.

Investment in rail 2021 (million TL)

New metro and tram lines are on the top of the list. There are 31 rail projects ongoing in 12 cities, where 26 bn TL will be spent this year. Second investment item on the list is new HST lines. 12 bn TL will be spent for construction works in 9 different lines. Third item is conventional line investments, where one third of it (900 mn TL) will be for rail connections to industrial sites.

Rail investment items 2021 (million TL)

Cover photo: TCDD ©


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