Railway Infrastructure

Where’s electrified, where will be?

Total electrified rail network of Turkey is 5753 km long including the HST lines.

TCDD aims electrification of whole network. As of end of 2020, the lenth of rail networks in use is 12803 km long. 45% of it, 5763 km is already electrified. 1213 km of it is HST line where 4540 km is conventional, being used by freight and passenger trains.

Electrification in Turkish rail network – end of 2020

Engineering works which also include electrification continues in 6 streches. Total length of lines under construction is about 1000 km:

Ankara-Sivas HST line: Electrification works completed in most parts of this 406-km-long high speed line. Missing part is between Elmadag and Kirikkale, where ground works still continue.

Ankara-Yerkoy line: This line connects Ankara to east for passenger and freight trains. 239-km-long line has priority, and some part (94-km-long Nenek-Baliseyh section) is already completed, to be used temporarily by HSTs.

Karaman-Ulukisla high standard line: 135-km-long line is being reconstructed as double track, signalized, electrified, ready for speed upto 200 km/h. Grounding works continue.

Hanli-Cetinkaya line: 125-km-long line is one of two missing parts between Kayseri and Divrigi.

Gaziray: The railway line crossing Gaziantep is being reconstructed as double track, signalized and electrified. Suburban trains will run on it. Grounding works continue on 5-km-long section which will underpass the city center.

Torbalı-Odemiş-Tire: 69-km-long line is mainly used by passenger trains to/from Izmir. Tender was done for electrification of line, but could not start.

Beside these works, electrification of following lines are planned and published in investment plan, but tender processes have not started yet: Alayunt-Afyonkarahisar-Konya, Manisa-Afyon, Zonguldak-Irmak, Karaozu-Hanli, Adana-Mersin and Narli-Baspinar.

Cover photo: Jeff Hawken ©

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  1. I’m full of admiration for TCDD’s energy and enterprise in galvanising Turkey’s rail infrastructure into the 21st century. Plus international freight and passenger connections. Well done!


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