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Korfez Ulastirma steps forward in intermodal

Korfez Ulastirma, the first private train operator of Turkey, has strengthened its fleet with container wagons.

Korfez Ulastirma was founded as subsidiary of Tupras being the first private operator of Turkey with first train on December 2017. The company now extends its wagon fleet of 615 tank wagons with 35 Rgns type container wagons.

Tupras had a huge fleet of tank wagons even before the liberalization. It became one of the first companies taking action after free access. Investments in railway continued by building its own maintanance workshop, buying Powerhaul locos and then Stadler locos. Currently, with its 10 Powerhauls rented and purchased, company has the youngest fleet in Turkey. Company also started giving service to other companies than Tupras by late 2018.

Now the company has started investing in the most popular area of railways, both in Turkey and in the World: Intermodal. This first order to Turasas includes 35 Rgns type platform wagons, first 20 of which was delivered last week. Remaining ones will be delivered in 15 days. Korfez is planning to transport petroleum coke and general cargo in the beginning.

Rgns type wagons of Turasas have a tara of 21 tons and can carry loads upto 69 tons. Wagons have not only container locks but also masts, which enables carrying cargo like pipes and construction iron.

Cover photo: Körfez Ulaştırma ©


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