Train timetables updated for lockdown

Due to 17-days-long lockdown, train timetables are updated again.

Due to Covid-19 stricter restrictions during 30 April-16 May, all train timetables are updated.

HSTs depart less often

During lockdown, there will be 2 departures in each direction on Istanbul-Ankara HST line.

On Istanbul-Konya and Ankara-Konya HST lines, no change, 2 departures in each direction.

Ankara-Eskisehir HST services are cancelled. Passengers using this route can use Istanbul-Ankara HST services.

All HSTs will run with max 50% seat capacity. HES codes and travel permissions are needed to buy tickets.

HST connected bus services between Konya and Karaman are suspended during lockdown.

Regional trains stopped

Regional trains, most of which had restarted on late March, are suspended again. None of them will run during lockdown.

Suburban service timetables rearranged

In Istanbul, suburban trains (Marmaray) depart from Halkali and Gebze every 30 minutes.

In Izmir, Izban trains will run every 12 minutes on central line during 07.00-09.00 and 15.30-19.00 on working days. During 09.00-15.30 and 19.00-00.20 on working days and during whole weekends, trains will depart every 24 minutes.

In Ankara, Baskentray trains will depart every 30 minutes during working days and every hour during weekends.

Cover photo: TCDD Tasimacilik ©


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