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Bostancı Dudullu Parseller metro at a glance

Third metro of Istanbul Asian side will be commissioned next week.

Bostancı Dudullu Parseller metro

M8 metro, starting from Bostanci shore towards north until Umraniye at Asian side of Istanbul is being commissioned. Here are some facts about the project:

Connecting 3 lines

Bostancı-Dudullu-Parseller metro is the first metro on north-south axle in Asian side of Istanbul. Metro will connect three lines which are lying parallel to Marmara shore: Marmaray, M4 Kadıkoy-Sabiha Gökçen and M5 Üsküdar-Çekmekoy metros. New metro, easing interchanges between these 3 lines, will greatly contribute to the use of the metro on the Anatolian side.

Bostancı Dudullu Parseller metro route

Bostancı to become a hub

With the integration of the Marmaray, high-speed trains, and sea transportation, Bostancı is becoming a critical transportation hub connecting important residential, commercial, and industrial areas along the Bostancı-Ümraniye route.

The route includes areas with widespread low-rise buildings. The transformation and increased population density of these areas is expected to be accelerated by the metro.

Bostancı Dudullu Parseller metro stations

The M8 line is expected to connect the inland neighborhoods of Ataşehir, Ümraniye, and Çekmeköy to the shore. This is expected to increase demand for trips from Bostancı Pier and enrich marine connections.

Huge parking lot at Bostancı shore

From Bostancı, it will be possible to reach Istanbul’s east, west, and north. A large underground parking lot is being built next to the metro station for those who want to reach the station by car and continue with public transportation. There is also an underground parking lot in Dudullu, where the M8 metro is integrated with the M5.

Third driverless metro in İstanbul

The Bostancı-Dudullu-Parseller metro is the third driverless metro in Istanbul and the second on the Anatolian side. Driverless metros offer higher speed and capacity because they accelerate and decelerate exactly where and when needed. They also allow curious riders to sit in the front and experience the entire journey as if they were driving.

Will metro be opened on 1st of January?

The opening of the line was announced for January 1st. However, photos of unfinished station entrances have been shared on social media yesterday and today. As of December 30th, there has been no announcement about postpone in opening.

Cover photo: Onur U. ©


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