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  1. Hello, are there some expextations about operatong of Bosphorus expres from Bucharest to Istanbul in May 2022?

    • Unfortunately no. The service alway began in June before pandemic, so service in May shall not be expected in any case. None of the international trains are running yet in Turkey due to pandemic. There seems not that much lust to start them before pandemic situation is completely over.

    • is there any inner turkey train service edirne – istanbul at al this summer 2022

    • Hello, I would like to visit Turkey next August moving by train. From Izmir I would like to do the following trip: Konya, Ankara and Istanbul by train. I’m trying to book those tickets on the website of the Turkish railways but I can’t find any route available so I’m wondering if those train railways are operating or not. Maybe I can buy the tickets only in stations or there are no trains and I need to move by bus?

      Thank you so much for your time

    • Tickets are on sale 30 days before departure. Izmir-Konya overnight, Konya-Ank and Ank-Ist HST services available.

  2. Hello,
    Is it already known whether the “Balkan Express” (Halkali to Sofia) will run again in May 2022?

  3. it is not working anywhere, i lost money being abroad, unable to access site for refund, recent tweet from TCDD admits technical failure

  4. Good day.
    I need to book two tickets in Konya Mavi train. We are Indian citizens with a tourist visa. While trying to make the booking, the online portal is asking for a Turkiye mobile number. I have only my Indian mobile number.

    Where to get help in booking the tickets.

    • I guess the safest way is to buy ticket at a station, if you are already in Turkey. Sorry not to have any better suggestion.

  5. Hey all,
    I am travelling by bike to turkey, and would like to get from Istanbul to Ayon by train with my bike. Any chances thats possible?

    • Maybe you mean Aydin? In any case, biles are not allowed at HSTs nor regional trains. Only in some of main line trains. I would not rely on, unfortunately.

    • Yes sorry, Aydin, autocorrect ^^ 🙂

      Okay that’s sad to hear :/ it will be my first time in turkey. Do you have any recommendations on what transport to take with a bike? I thought about blablacar, as this worked before.

      I’d like to avoid bus, because you don’t know how they treat the bike and you don’t have control over that. That’s pretty important for me, as I pretty much depend on the bike.

      Do you know which main lines allow for bikes?

      Thanks and greets,

    • Buses will hardly accept. Ankara Express has bike hanger, from Eskisehir Izmir Mavi may offer and from Izmir by Izban until Selcuk and then on bike. Or by ferry from Istanbul to Bandirma, by hoping to be accepted to 17 Eylul for Izmir. Main line trains accept bikes only if they have luggage wagon. And this is not mentioned anywhere officially, just can be learned at station. In any case, Bandirma-Aydin is a tiring but fun route for bikes.

    • Would it maybe work, if I pack the bike in a large package 😅 that also worked for me in Albania.

    • Well on paper no, but staff will most probably ignore if it does not prevent people and you look desparete and thankful 🙂

    • Thanks for your response.

      It seems you know your routes around turkey. I don’t wanna spam this thread with unrelated stuff. However, I would have some more bike and train related questions for my trip.

      Would be awesome if you can help me out. Not sure, what messenger you are using. Can you connect on telegram? (I changed my handle for this)

    • Do you have recommendations for the Bandirma – Izmir bikeroute? I was thinking going just straight over balikesir taking some side roads. I’m not planning on going at the coast, as I can imagine its has heavy traffic.

      A second option for me would be to go from Istanbul to near Ucak by public transport, and from there on bike via Denizli to Aydin/Selcuk. I have heard this part is very nice. However, as it is quite early in the year (I will be there in about 1-2 weeks), I fear its still cold in those mountains for bikepacking (and camping). Also, I can imagine it is even more difficult to get to Ucak with public transport and bike.

    • Usak has no advantage to start in terms of transport from Istanbul. Bandirma-Izmir via coast will surely be unforgettable, not busy in April and offers more possibilities for camping. Ayvalik, Oren, Foca.. keep in mind that I have almost no intercity experience of biking.

  6. Hi, Onur!

    Do you have any informations, what are the chances of the Balkan Express (Halkali-Sofia) train being put back into service this year?

    Thank you!

  7. hello. I would like to take the fast train from Eskisehir to SAW airport. Does the train stop at Pendik which I think is the nearest point to SAW airport. If the fast train does not stop at Pendik, can you pleases advise the best option for me. Thank you.

    • Hi

      I am looking to book 3 business class tickets from Konya to Istanbul on the 1st June. However when I try to book using TcDD app its asking me for a valid turkish monile numbrr . Each time i make an attepmt its asking me the same . Can someone help

    • Yes, that’s very stupid, and not any solution to my knowledge. If you want to bypass that field by using a stupid mobile num, the format can be 0 532 XXX XX XX.

  8. Hello Onur.
    We would like to take the Toros Express from Adana to Karaman and the change to the YHT from Karaman to Istanbul. Will that be possible?
    Leaving Adana on Toros: 7.45, arriving Karaman 12.59?
    Then leaving Karaman 15.45 on YHT, arriving Istanbul 21.43.
    Are these times correct?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Annali. I checked from TCDDT website and realized that timetable of Toros has changed, the data at Rail Turkey is out of date. The departure time is 7:00, taking you to Karaman at 12:00 or to Konya at 13:20. So 15:45 Karaman train or one of 16:43/18:25 trains from Konya are all possible. Sorry for expired info, I’ll update it asap.

    • Thank you, Onur. Will check to see what the new timetable is.
      Regards. Annali.

    • Just a few changes. Timetable of Toros, one additional departure of Ist-Ank HST are the ones you need to care. I’ll update them all in a few days.

  9. Hi Onur, Any new info about istanbul-Sofia train after Transport ministers statement? Will it be available in April this year?

    • No date was mentioned at that TV talk. I cannot trust on my personal talks, since go sign always is given with signature in last minute. I expect in April or May.

  10. Hi Onur. Does the 50% discount apply to only Turkish citizens or to foreign travellers also? Thank you for your help and advice. Annali.

    • You mean kids or 65+? Both are valid also for foreigners, needs proof like ID. But I would not be surprised if a non-english-speaker staff objects at ticket office even with a valid ID. Just insist.

  11. Hi Onur,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful site !
    Do you have any news as far as the Baku-Tbilissi-Kars train is concerned ? I learnt that the line is finished and freight trains run sometimes. But what about passengers trains ? That would be a great way to ease the link between Turkey and Georgia.
    Thank you for all.

    • The trains that bicycles can be carried are very limited. Check Rail Turkey train pages to see the possibility in each train. In general, only some main line trains.

  12. Hi Onur,
    do you know if you can go by train from Istanbul to Belgrade using an interrail pass?

    • Unfortunately, there’s no international train to/from Turkey in operation as of now. There’s a statement that Sofia Express will start soon by minister. If starts, you can go to Sofia from Istanbul using interrail pass.

  13. Hi Onur. First I would like to say thank for your help and advice.
    We would like to take the South Kurtalan Express from Ankara, departing 11.20am, to Diyarbakir, arriving 09.56
    How long in advance can we book a sleeper coach and where would be best to book online? Thank you again for your help.

    • Hi Annali. I’m glad that it helps. Tickets are on sale 30 days before departure. Generally sleeper tickets are sold out fast. There’s only one place to buy online. TCDDT’s eybis. You can find the link on Rail Turkey travel pages as well.

  14. Hi Onur. I tried Eybis a few times already. I tried a few dates in April, but every time I get this: Nan. Nan. Nan. What does it mean?

    • I also checked now. No availability in sleepers nor in couchettes for the days I tried. There’s no simple way of checking available dates, you need to try each day one by one.

  15. Hi. I am trying to buy 2 sleeper tickets for May 11.2022 for the ANKARA EKSPRESİ at 10pm from Istabul to Ankara. I know the tickets are on sale,as there are some booked in the regular seats. i keep getting this message:
    İşlem sırasında hata oluştu. Lütfen daha sonra tekrar deneyiniz.
    which translates to:
    An error occurred during operation. Please try again later.
    All of my information is correct including my credit card.
    Can anyone help with this please ?
    Why does it keep doing this?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Dale.

      If you can’t get the online system to work you should try one of the agencies mentioned on seat61, who can process your payment and buy your tickets for you. It costs a little more of course but the tickets are not expensive by European standards.

    • Hi Dale. If you could not solve your problem yet, could you try TCDDT’s whatsapp number +905073218233. They do not sell tickets, but can give solution about your problem. I’ll be very glad if you share what you get.

  16. Hi, do you think that trains from Van to Tabriz/Teheran will be in operation next summer? Would there also be buses running that route?
    Thank you! Francisco

    • Hi Francisco. Minister of Transport stated that Transasia will start service soon between Ankara and Tehran, which is passing through both Van and Tabriz. I guess it’ll start in May or June. There are several bus services between Turkey and Iran, but I don’t have any info about them.

  17. Hello are there still trains operating from Istanbul to Sofia or Belgrade? I can’t find any tickets online. What’s the average price?

  18. Hi Onur. Is there a train from Istanbul to Izmir. If so, is it an overnight train?

  19. Hi. Sorry, that was me asking about the Istanbul/Izmir train. Which website (train line) to look for train tickets? Thank you, Onur. Annali.

    • Hi Annali. Tcddt sells tickets. You’ll see lik in travel pages on left bar or on pricing section of any high speed or mainline train page. Check 17 Eylul train directly if you wanna use train from Bandirma.

  20. Hello. Is there a dining car on the Dogu Express (Kars to Ankara) ?
    I ll travel in May 2022.
    Some traveller’s report say yes other say yes but no food…etc.
    What is the post-covid reality please?
    Thank you very much for all informative answers.

    • Hi Pierre. There’s a dining car, but menu is very simple and that’s even limited. No alcohol, no gourmet food..

    • Hello Onur,
      Many thanks for your fast answer.
      I will buy some snacks in addition but will have some meals at the dining car. Alcohol and gourmet food is not an issue for me. The ride is thrilling, therefore food is secondary.
      Merci for your time.
      My best regards to you.

  21. Please let me know how I can reserve a seat or a bed seat for the train from Istanbul to Sofia. Tickets are already bought from Sofia. Thank you.

  22. Is there such ticket office on the railway station itself? Actually, we will arrive on 21st in Istanbul from Sofia and most probably we can do it.

    • Yes, at Sirkeci. You can take Marmaray suburban train from Halkali for Sirkeci. There used to be also free shuttle to Sirkeci, but not sure if there’s still.

  23. Hello Onur,

    Thank you for taking time to answer our questions.

    We’re planning to go to Istanbul with Bosphorus expres from Bucharest on the 07 or of August.

    – Do you know if the train are going to run ? I’ve no idea how pandemic is going in turkey.

    – We can’t reserved any ticket before arriving to Bucarest. Am I right ?

    – Do you know if it’s possible that there will be no more tickets when we arrived ?

    Thank a lot!


    • Hi Oliver. It’s not announced in Turkey, but in Europe. Practically, it’s 1-2 wagons attached to Sofia Express between Istanbul-Dimitrovgrad and to Sofia-Bucharest train between Dimitrovgrad-Bucharest. I see no reason not to run. In Turkey, international trains cannot be reserved. Most probably in Europe as well. You need to visit ticket office. Based on previous years’ experience, the train has never been full. So you’ll most probably find ticket when you arrive. All the best for your trip and let us know if you have surprises etc.

    • Hi Onur, thank you for your answer!

      I still two remaining questions.

      First one is about the price for 4 people (25years old) for bed ticket ?

      And do you know if there is any timetable available somewhere ?

      Thanks a lot!


  24. Dear Onur, please help me out here. I am trying to registrate on the tcdd website, but it keeps throwing out my mobile number. Keeps on saying wrong mobile number. I’ve tried everything, my country code, mobile number, everything, but it won’t take my number! What must I do to registrate? Annali.

  25. Onur, the previous question about the mobile number was from me. Please help. Annali.

    • Hi Annali. That’s the stupidness of TCDDT’s system, requesting Turkish mobile num. I’d suggest you to try a stupid num like 0532 xxx xx xx. I could not check whether to use 0 at the beginning or not.

    • Thank you, Onur, I will try that and let you know. How do I buy tickets for the Southern Kurtalan Express from Diyarbakir to Konya? Thanks again for all your help. Annali.

    • From Diyarbakir to Malatya by Kurtalan, Malatya to Adana by Firat, Adana to Konya by Toros is one solution. Or Diyarbakir to Ankara by Kurtalan and Ankara to Konya by HST is another solution.

    • We will be traveling from Diyarbakir to Konya and will try to get a 2 bed sleeper. Do I also have to book that ticket on TCCD? Annali.

  26. Hello,

    i’m wondering if possible to buy tickets for Sofia Express before departure at the Halkali Railway Station?
    or do i need to find International ticket office at another stations?

    Thanks for comments.

    • No. Closest is Sirkeci. Will be glad if you can also check on arrival and inform us if you experience stg else.

  27. Hello,

    we want to travel from Istanbul to Bukarest in the middle of June on an interrail ticket. Will the Bosphorus expres be operating until then? If not, what is the best way to get from Istanbul to Bukarest?

    Thank you very much.

    • Though there’s no statement in Turkish side, acc to Bulgarian State Railways’ timetable, it’ll start on 4th of July.

  28. Hi I want to go to Ankara from Istanbul on yht by mid of june.the billet app only shows tickets of late night no other during the day? Is it some fault or it runs only once. Secondly should I go from Sogu station or halkali?

    • Hi.I cheched. YHT tickets are on sale till 10th of June. What you see is the overnight train. Wait a bit. Only some cross to European side, thus you can find more trains at Sogutlucesme.

  29. Hi!

    I’m planning to travel from Halkali to Bucharest on the 24th of June this year.

    1) Does the direct train operate this route at this time;

    2) How much is the seat in 2nd class;

    Thank you.

  30. Hi,
    Are there any regional trains between Edirne and Istanbul as well? We will arrive with Optima Express

  31. I am planning on getting a train from Bucuresti – Istanbul on the 6th July 2022. Will the train be running by then? How can I get a ticket?

    • Yes, according to BDZ timetable, that train will start on early June. No online tickets, you need to buy at station.

    • It’s now listen on the CFR website, starting June 4.
      But as Onur stated, not possible to book on CFR site.

  32. Hi, I’m taking the dogu express later this week. Arrival in Ankara is planned for 10.08. do you think it’s safe to book a hst for 13.00 or should I allow for more time?
    Does the hst leave from the same station as where the dogu express arrives?
    If I have a hst ticket and I mis the train, can I rebook to another train?
    Thanks for all your help! Stan (great website by the way)

    • Hi Stan, I travelled Kars-Ankara on May 7-8th 2022 on the regular Dog express. We finally arrived more than 3 hours behind schedule in Ankara. Just my experience.

      Take some food with you as the train restaurant has a very limited choice of food (if any). For example they were out of sandwiches 2 hours after departure. Non alcoholic drinks were available. Bring you own toilet paper and some shoes to go to the restrooms (on my trip the restrooms were disgusting at all times) Wet towels are advised if you want to clean yourself a little bit before arriving in Ankara.

      Despite all the above, I’m sure you will enjoy the long and very scenic trip.

    • Hi Stan. 3-4 hours of delay is not very surprising for Dogu Express. But if you show your ticket in case of delay, you’ll have chance to change it. The problem is to find empty seat. I’d suggest min 5 hrs and in case of getting Ankara on time, spend some hours at Ankara. The HST station is next to the other. 5 min walk via overpass. Many thanks for kind words.

  33. Thanks Omar and Pierre for your helpful answers. I think I will choose a later train.
    If the dogu does arrive in time and I’m left with a lot of time in Ankara, is there somewhere I can leave my luggage in the station?

  34. Hi
    Dear Sir madam
    I’m traveling with my car to turkiye very soon, but i wool like to travel by Train and take my car with me from Western border of turkiye to Easterb border of turkiye on Train (sleeping car Train Service).
    Could you please give me the full details and price, if such Service is avalaible..
    Please send the deatails to my email.
    Kind regards

    • There’s no service like taking your car by train in Turkey. And for your private requests and questions, you better get in contact with TCDDT. We just try to help in an open way to public.

  35. Onur: First, let me thank you personally for your diligence in helping the English-speaking (and others) world understand TCDD and Turkish railways in general. It’s more complicated than many understand!

    Now that the Belmond Orient Express is going to be the first train in (hopefully, if the trackwork is completed) to arrive and depart Sirkeci Station in August, will the Bucharest(seasonal)/Sofia-Istanbul train terminating at Halkali be extended the remaining few KM’s into Sirkeci soon after? Any idea as to when that would start?

    • Many thanks for your kind words Brian. Sirkeci-Yenikapi connection works seem currently prevent any usage. I was expecting renewal of structures (like overpass) on way, which will totally make Sirkeci unreachable for a long time. I’m not sure about what will be done when in the project, thus not sure about what can happen when. After the project is completed, Sofia and Bucharest trains will surely depart from Sirkeci. But not Orient Express but a daily train will not be allowed during project works, in my opinion.

  36. Hi Onur, what a fantastic website for travellers you have developed. Thank you very much for pulling together a lot of information on the various routes. After reading your page I still had a couple of questions if that’s ok?

    For both the Istanbul – Ankara and Ankara – Sivas trains will they accept bikes? How will I know if there is the right cargo carriages, or do i not know until the train turns up? Also do the trains run daily, so I wont lose too much time if the first train i see does not have a carriage for bikes?

    Lastly, for both the train legs above, where is the best site to buy tickets and would you recommend buying 10-15days ahead of travel to ensure I have a spot? Does the ticket also include the bike, or will I have to pay extra.

    Thank you!


    • Hi Matt. Many thanks for your kind words. All Ist-Ank trains except overnight train are HSTs and unfoldable bikes are not allowed. Ankara Express has bike hanger, so it accepts. It runs once a day. All trains from Ankara towards Sivas are overnight trains. They accept all bikes if they have separate carriage wagon, just after loco. They generally have, but no way to see if there is beforehand. There are 3 trains everyday, Dogu, 4 Eylul and Van Golu/Kurtalan (one of two, all calling at Sivas. Sleepers/couchettes are very hard to find, but seats are easier to find. No need to buy ticket for bike in advance.

    • Hi Onur,

      Amazing fountain of knowledge as ever. The Ankara sleeper train from Istanbul, can you buy on the day or should you pay for a ticket online a few days before the scheduled departure? I then plan to continue on to Kars which I can buy in the train is that correct? Travelling with a bike so if there’s anything I need to be aware of please let me know.

      Cheers and well done on such an amazing website.

    • Hi and thanks again. You can always buy on the day (not on train) for main trains like Ankara or Dogu Express. But note that sleepers/couchettes sold fast. For bike, you may be asked or have to dismantle bike in case there’s limited space in luggage room. And I expect most of the staff will be helpful, so knowing a few Turkish words will help. 🙂

    • Amazing, thank you. Is the best place to pay for these tickets in advance the TCDD website?

      Huge thanks and a coffee on me if we cross paths on a train one day!

    • Not the best, the only, unfortunately. Have fun, pls inform anything different. I’m sure I’ll catch you one day on board and coffee will surely be a pleasure. 🙂

    • Amazing, thanks for that info update. Last, question I promise. I could not buy a direct ticket from Ankara Gar to Kars, but I have managed to split the journey into: Ankara Kars to Silvas and then Silvas to Kars the following day. Will all these trains accept bikes like the Dogu express would have?

      Huge thank you again!!

    • All trains from Ankara to Sivas are overnight trains, thus expected yo have luggage car/section. Remember that it’s not a guarantee, but likely-to-happen expectation. In general, all overnights except Goller Express are supposed to have these cars/sections.

    • Thank you Onur for your continued support and amazing info. Ankara to Sivas (auto correct kept me misspelling) sounds ok for a bike and Sivas to Kars should be ok with a luggage carriage as well, is that correct?

      Fingers crossed it all goes to plan and two coffees on me when we meet.

    • Yes, all for (Dogu, 4 Eylul, Kurtalan, Vangolu), the trains from Ankara to Sivas, are supposed to have luggage carriage. And from Sivas to Kars, there’s only Dogu, one of above four. Fingers crossed. Wish you unforgettable moments and memories.

  37. Hi Onur. Is there an overnight train from Istanbul to Konya? Thank you very mucc for all your help and excellent advice.

    • There’s only HST service between Ist and Konya running during day. An overnight solution would be Ist-Ank by Ankara Express during night and Ank-Konya with HST early in the morning.

  38. Thank you again, Onur. This is a very helpful site. Another question, please. We will take the YHT from Istanbul to Konya and from Konya the Toros to Adana.
    1. What is the correct departure time at Konya for the Toros? I get two different times, the one site says 15.15 and the other site says 16.40. Can you please tell me what the correct time is?
    2. Also, please, do the YHT and the Toros both operate from the same station in Konya?
    Thanks again for your help.

    • Well, both above are wrong, but timetable at Rail Turkey is correct. Departure time is 15:00 from Konya. There are two stations for HSTs at Konya, One is Selcuklu. Other is Konya. Use the second, Konya, for interchange to Toros. If I were you, I’ll keep some time in Konya and have a walk in city. The city is flat, the station is in walking distance. Enjoy your time in Turkey. Let us know if there’s helpful info for travellers.

    • I see on Rail Turkey looks like it is possible to go from Sogutlucesme in Istanbul right through to Karaman on the HST without changing trains in Konya? Is that correct?
      Sogutlucesme: depart 08.15 HST
      Karaman: arrive 14.15
      Karaman: depart 15.45 TOROS
      Is that correct?
      Thank you again for all your time and effort. Much appreciated.

  39. Hello fellow travellers,

    Does the Dogu Express Touristic train run in the summer? We are travelling end of June/July and can’t seem to find any information on this train option at all 😦

    Alternatly, are there other Touristic train options (with one or two 2-3 hours city stops along the way) that we could consider as other options? We are super flexible but mostly would like to go south or east.

    Any recommendations you may have would be of great use to us.
    Many thanks!

    • It seems neither Touristic Dogu nor other Touristic trains will work during summer. I’d suggest using non-touristic overnight trains; Dogu, Vangolu, Guney, 4Eylul.

  40. Hello Onur,

    Thanks for your enriching website!
    As other people here, I’m considering travelling by bike in Turkey this summer as I bought an Interrail pass.

    Is there a train route from Istanbul to Izmir which accepts bikes on board ?

    Is there a list of trains in whole Turkey which accept bikes ?

    Thanks you very much in advance.

    • Hi Ben. In general, only trains with separate carriage wagons (just after loco) accept bikes, and carriage wagons are generally in overnight trains. Nothing you can check online beforehand unfortunately. Only train accepting bike undoubtfully is Ankara Express (Istanbul-Ankara) where there’s bike hanger in wagon (you’ll see bicycle sign on door). So a possible route from Istanbul to Izmir with possibility (not %100) of carrying bike is by Ankara Express from Istanbul to Eskisehir and by Izmir Mavi from Eskisehir to Izmir. There’s no such list anywhere, but in each train page of Rail Turkey, we show if train accepts bikes or not. Shortly, Izmir has two overnight trains with possible carriage, Izmir Mavi and Konya Mavi (Izmir-Konya). Note that Izban (the suburban train of Izmir) accepts bikes in first and last car, and you can travel until between Aliaga in north and Selcuk (next to Ephesus) in south. Enjoy your time. Pls share your experience with us about travelling with bike on trains in Turkey.

  41. I’ve got a question about reservation for Dogu Express (the regular one, not touristic). I plan to travel from Kayseri to Kars. For reservation a plan to do one of the two options:
    1) Reserve couchette for the leg Kayseri-Erzincan, and then for Erzincan-Kars a Pulman. I want to sleep during night and have a proper window seat at daytime.
    2) Reserve two Pulman (vice versa) at the same window for the same name. Like this I have more space, maybe can sleep with legs on the other seat during night and foremost: have security that I have a seat with view in the way the train drives (in the reservation system it indicates the direction of the train, however it also says that there could be unplanned changes). So given the fact of the very affordable price I seriously think to reserve two seats.

    Would these options be possible and accepted? Option 1 would include a change of place on the same train, option 2 would include a reservation of 2 pulman seats for the same person. Or would it be better to make a reservation for the second seat under the name of another (imaginary) person?

    • I’d do the first if I can find couchette. You’ll need two tickets in that case. For second, I don’t think system will prevent buying two separate tickets with same name. If it does, imaginery person will not be a problem because he/she will not travel.

    • Thank you for your comment, much appreciated! Anyway, do you have an idea if it’s often the case the the train coaches are vice versa and not in the direction as indicated in the booking process? Or is that an exception?

    • In main trains with pulman seats, that shouldn’t be a problem, because seats are turnable. For regional trains with DMUs, there’s such risk, but there’s no online sale for most of them, which makes finding correct seat even harder. First come first seat. 🙂

    • Thanks also here for your much appreciated reply! (By the way, do you have a don section or something where I can buy you a café or something like this?).

      So, if I understand you correctly: The pulman seats on Dogu Express can be turned 180 degrees?! This literally means: you can always have a seat looking in the direction in which the train goes, even if on the booking engine the seat looks in the opposite direction, yes? That’s quite awsome, never seen this before. However, I’m wondering how the double-seats can be turned, I can’t really imagine that since the other seat next to it must give somehow way to the one that I want to turn….)

    • Hi. No don section, many thanks. If one day we meet on trains, first cafe is on you. 🙂 Yes, all pulman seats can be turned 180 degrees (not couchettes as you can guess). I’m not sure if double seats turn together or one by one, I guess two together. That’s already done by crew before departure. But you can change as well, especially for travelling with a friend face to face. Note that this is not the case for DMUs. DMUs are half one way and half the other. Most regional trains and Goller Express is DMU,

  42. By the way: an absolutely great and informative website! Thanks a lot for your effort!!

  43. Hello there,

    I would like to know if Railway operators transfer vehicles in Turkey?

    My car is in Ankara and I want to send it to Van without driving it, considering the staggering fuel cost!

  44. Hey Onur, thanks for your very profound webpage!
    Is there any news when the Transasia Express will be running again? We, a family of four, plan to travel by train from Germany to Iran in August/September. If Transansia is not running, which connections would you recommend to get from Istanbul to Tebriz?

    • Hi Thomas. Minister of Transport recently said in a TV show that Sofia and Iran service would soon restart. Sofia started. So Iran may start soon. The plan can be Germany to Bucharest or Sofia, then to Istanbul by Bosphor or Sofia Express, Istanbul-Ankara by Istanbul-Ankara HST or overnight train (Ankara Express). If Transasia starts, directly Ankara to Tabriz. If Van-Tabriz starts instead, Ankara to Tatvan by Vangolu Express, Tatvan to Van by shuttle (and visit Akhdamar Island on way) than Van-Tabriz. If none starts, I’m quite sure travelling from Van to Tabriz by bus is also possible. Van is a very popular touristic destination for Iranian people.

  45. Good Morning, we’re spending a week in Istanbul next week and hope to spend a day in Konya travelling by HST. We will be based in Sirkeci and want to take the 1st train out (06:40) from Sogutlucesme and returning from Konya on the last train leaving Konya at 18:40 arriving back at 23:30. Please can you advise on the best way to travel to Sogutlucesme from Sirkeci?, and in particular will there be any difficulty returning back to Sirkeci at 23:30?
    Many thanks London

    • It’s very easy to travel between Sogutlucesme and Sirkeci: Marmaray suburban trains. It takes only 10 minutes. Last train from Sogutlucesme to Sirkeci is at around 23:30.

  46. Hi
    I want to travel between Selçuk and Denizli in the end of the afternoon by train. On your website the timetable says there are many options, but on the on the website of TCDD there’s only the 00h38 train operated by Goller Ekspresi.

    Where can I buy the tickets for regional train?

    • Regional train tickets are not sold online, only at stations. Izmir-Denizli train tickets with several departures a day can also be bought online, but only a week ago.

  47. Hello Onur,

    Is there a train route from Istanbul or Ankara to Samsun or Trabzon ?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Ben. There’s no rail connection to Trabzon. There’s to Samsun, but no train from Ankara nor Istanbul. To Samsun, there are only short-distance regional services from Amasya and Havza. Both are towns around Samsun.

  48. Hello, thank you for a very helpful website. I am currently in Marmaris and would like to travel from Halkali to Bucharest departing on 18 August 2022. Is the easiest way for me to make a reservation to go to a train station, and if so, what is the closest train station to Marmaris? Where can I find details of the cost of the journey and the different options (couchette vs berth etc)? And if I decide to get a eurrail pass, do you know if this trip qualifies for travel with the eurrail pass? Many thanks for your advice! Julia

    • Hi Julia. Unfortunately the only way to buy an Internatioanal train ticket is to visit station with i ternational desk. None close to Marmaris, closest is at Izmir. Details exist in Rail Turkey’s Bosphor Express page. Bosphor Express is never full, I guess you’ll find ticket even in last day. Interrail and Balkan Flex are available here and valid in Bosphor, better to check Eurail pass via its website.

    • Hi Onur, thanks for your prompt response. I will be in Marmaris until the day I am travelling from Halkali to Bucharest and I want to get two sleeper berths on the train
      ; are there any agents I can use to get the ticket for me in advance seeing as it is a long way from Marmaris to Izmir? Many thanks.


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