How to get to Pergamon by train?

Pergamon is the only capital left Hellenistic Period, having layers belong to Roman, Eastern Roman and Ottoman periods.

Ancient city Pergamon, located at the Kale Mountain, the capital of Kingdom of Pergamon, being the best example of city planning in Hellenistic Period, is in UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Temple of Athena, steepest theatre of Hellenistic period, Altar of Zeus, Temple of Dionysos, agora, gymnasion and water system with high pressure are distinguished examples.

Pergamon theatre. Photo: Ministry of Culture

The closest train stations to Pergamon is Soma at east, Aliaga at south.

The trains between Izmir and Bandirma/Eskisehir/Ankara are calling at Soma train station. The Kinik bus terminal at Istiklal Square where minibuses depart for Bergama every half an hour is only 3 km from station. It takes 45 minutes. Pergamon is at north of city center of Bergama, in walking distance (3 km).

Aliaga is the last station of Izmir suburban trains (Izban). Buses depart every 15 minutes to Bergama from there. Check Eshot website for bus number 835 to see timetable and route. Aliaga-Bergama is 56 km long.

How to get to Pergamon from Istanbul by train?

Soma3:0017 Eylul
Istanbul-Pergamon by train

How to get to Pergamon from Ankara by train?

Soma10:30Izmir Mavi
Ankara-Pergamon by train

How to get to Pergamon from Izmir by train?

Izmir-Pergamon by train
  • Pergamon Acropolis with Temple of Athena, Temple of Traian, Pergamon Library, Altar of Zeus, steep theatre with a capacity of 10k people and Temple of Dionysos is open everyday (
  • Asklepion, one of the most important medical center of its period with different cures including voice of water, music, mud, theraphy etc is at 2 km west of city, open everyday ( 
  • There’s a project to extend Izmir suburban trains from Aliaga to Bergama, but not started yet.

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