Railway Infrastructure

In openings nobody trusts

Although no official declaration is done, it is for sure that preperation of bridge at Tekirdag Port will not be ready by 5th of September.

That means Tekirdag Derince ferry will not start on 5th of September as announced –inofficially- before.

Since the reconstruction works, the only bottleneck for ferry service between Tekirdag and Derince, have started at Tekirdag Port, now it’s easier to estimate the beginning of ferry. The most optimistic estimate will be week 38 (week beginning with 16th of September), where pessimistics point at October.

Another disappoinment will be felt about Halkali. Although 4th of September was announced at the date of closure, the construction works seem far away from completion. Completion ratio is told to be less then half, and electrification tender process was resulted a couple of weeks ago. Probably the critical parts will be finished, and then the remaining will be finished with partial closure sytem (4 days closed, 3 days open). October may be the most optimistic date for the end of complete closure of Halkali.


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