OktoberfestRailway Infrastructure

“Oktoberfest” in Turkish Railways

October is about to come, and this month will be a real “fest” for railway professionals and the railway customers as well. Here’s the exciting program of the month:

5th of October : This is the end date of the last critical construction point between Halkali and Cerkezkoy. Considering the renewal of the main line and connections to some of the ramps in Halkali is already completed, we’ll not wait long to see the first train to Halkali.

10th of October : This is the end date of the construction at Tekirdag port. No more technical barriers for the start of ferry. Probably there’ll be some more steps on paper, but we’ll probably see the running ferry before the end of October, and first wagons at Derince coming from Europe.

29th of October : This is the opening date of Marmaray tunnel, a real fest for the citizens of Istanbul, but not yet for logistics professionals. On 29th of October, the first commercial passenger transport via the Marmaray tunnel will be done with a big ceremony.

End of October : There’s only one part left on the construction works between Derince and Bozuyuk, and it’s planned to be finished before the end of October. By that, the connection between Europe and Asia will be reestablished, and long-awaiting trains will start transportation immediately.


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