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TCDD annual statistics 2012

The railway statistics about Turkish Railways in detail, including high speed trains, equipments, operational and financial figures for the years 2008-2012.

Here are some remarkable statistics about TCDD and railway infrastructure in Turkey:

  • Riders of high speed train reaches to 3.35 million (2,56 million in 2011).
  • 8 km added to conventional lines (11,120 km in total).
  • 57 km conventional line electrified (2,328 in total)
  • 108 km conventional line signalized (3,128 km in total)
  • 25,7 million tons transported by rail (25,4 million tons in 2011)
  • 2,1 million tons of it in international traffic (2,6 million tons in 2011)
  • 7,6 million tons carried in containers
  • 7 million tons of ore transported
  • Made a loss of 877 million TL

Turkish State Railway Annual Statistics 2012


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  1. What specification does Turkish State Railway follow for steel fish plates ?
    We want to know about various track fastening items and specification for manufacture & supply.


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