51 - Rail TurkeyAbout Rail Turkey

What’s new in Rail Turkey?

Rail Turkey is welcoming readers with its renewed face in its 6th month. Here are the new features:

51 - Rail Turkey

Enriched content

You’ll read not only articles, but every important news about railway logistics in Turkey as well. The railway events in Turkey and photo galleries about railways have space as well.

User friendly

The new interface is more user-friendly, colorful and pictorial.

Easy to surf

Interested only in some topics? Check the menu on upper-right, and surf only within the topics you like, such as Rail Freight, News from Turkish Railways, Railway Companies, High Speed Trains and more.


Used to be lost in pages? “Infinite scroll” enables to discover any article, news or event on main page.


Different then before, you’ll find everything in Rail Turkey pages. No need to follow sister pages from Twitter or Pinterest.


Looking for a specific topic in Rail Turkey? Do not lose time, just “search” on side bar.

Hot topics

Wondering what’s popular nowadays in Rail Turkey? Check side bar for most popular 6 posts.


Would like to read some more about the topic? Smart system recommends last 6 related posts at the end of each article.

Visible ratings

Wanna consider readers’ recommendations? Stars are on stage now. See readers’ ratings before reading, and rate to influence others after reading.


Rail Turkey now supports mobile phones and tablets.

Rail Turkey is working hard to create a railway portal that you can enjoy.


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