What’s New in Rail Turkey?

Rail Turkey is welcoming readers with its renewed face in its 6th month. Here are the new features:

  • Enriched-Content : You’ll read not only articles, but every important news about railway logistics in Turkey as well. The railway events in Turkey and photo galleries about railways have space as well.
  • User-Friendly : The new interface is more user-friendly, colorful and pictorial.
  • Easy to Surf : Interested only in some topics? Check the menu on upper-right, and surf only within the topics you like, such as Rail Freight, News from Turkish Railways, Railway Companies, High Speed Trains and more.
  • Attainable : Used to be lost in pages? “Infinite scroll” enables to discover any article, news or event on main page.
  • All-in-One : Different then before, you’ll find everything in Rail Turkey pages. No need to follow sister pages from Twitter or Pinterest.
  • Search : Looking for a specific topic in Rail Turkey? Do not lose time, just “search” on side bar.
  • Hot Topics : Wondering what’s popular nowadays in Rail Turkey? Check side bar for most popular 6 posts.
  • Recommendations : Would like to read some more about the topic? Smart system recommends last 6 related posts at the end of each article.
  • Visible Ratings : Wanna consider readers’ recommendations? Stars are on stage now. See readers’ ratings before reading, and rate to influence others after reading.
  • Mobility : Rail Turkey now supports mobile phones and tablets.

Rail Turkey is working hard to create a railway portal that you can enjoy.


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