About Rail Turkey

Who reads Rail Turkey?

Rail Turkey was opened as a blog in English on April 19, 2013. The first post was “Let The Ferry Start”.

In spite of the summer time, monthly visits reached to 1300 by July. Hey, we must be really an entertaining portal.

Till today, Rail Turkey is visited from 78 different countries (thanks to Aland Islands, Libya, Viet Nam, Cape Verde, Israel, Panama, Costa Rica and Jordan which support us reaching to 78 by visiting only 1 page).

Half of the readers are from Turkey. However half of them is following pages in Engllish (no, of course not tourists, who would read railway articles on beach).

Other leading “reading” countries are Germany (12%), Austria (8%) and USA (%7).

Each reader is visiting 2,5 pages in average. And now new Rail Turkey is even more attractive (reached to 4 pages/visitor in October) than before.

40% of the visitors are finding Rail Turkey by search engines. Thanks to Google, already sent more than 1000 visitors. Linkedin, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter and Wikipedia are the following referrers. Special thanks to Trains of Turkey, just coming after these famous brands with 33 visitors.

And Rail Turkey readers clicked outer links 543 times (Yes there is a favourable balance of trade, we promise to send more readers with new Rail Turkey). Mostly referred is TCDD with the links in Rail Turkey Library.

The most popular article was “Compeletely False Facts About Marmaray”, read 298 times. 69999702 people left in Turkey with false facts.

The silver medal goes to “2023 Targets in Railway Transportation – I” with 252 readers.

And the bronze medal is for “Pipes to Europe: Railway Made It Real” with 201 readers.

Finally, in October, only in 11 days, Rail Turkey visited 837 times, and almost doubled the daily averages of September.

Best wishes to Rail Turkey’s special readers, not satisfied with visiting pages for 7168 times until now, but also curious about the reader’s profile and read this article till this last word.


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