Rail Freight

Welcome Derince, welcome Kosekoy

TCDD announced that beginning with 10th of December, both Derince and Kosekoy terminals are now open to railway traffic.

This means that Tekirdag Derince Ferry is ready for regular service for wagons coming from Europe and would like to reach to Asian side.

The terminals in Asian side are limited with Derince and Kosekoy. Further is under reconstruction and is planned to be ready in 2nd quarter of 2014.

Derince Port and Kosekoy terminals hosted both domestic and international railway traffic until 2012, but closed due to construction works of Marmaray and High Speed Train.

Derince Port is one of the few ports in Marmara region with railway connection. And Kosekoy is planned as the main logistic center to serve to Gebze and Izmit area.


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