Railway Events

What happened in 2013?

2013 was a hard year in Turkish railways. There were lots of closures, postpones and problems.

On the other hand, for a number of new projects, 2013 was the year to kickoff.

Here are the milestones of 2013:

Ekol intermodal train

Ekol’s intermodal solution became a strong alternative both for railway and truck customers after supported by roro vessels of Ekol’s own.

Ekol Intermodal Treni

High speed train to Konya

Konya was connected to high speed network, and first high speed train moved from Ankara to Konya.

Turkey’s new high speed train

TCDD agreed to buy 7 brand new Velaro high speed train sets from Siemens.

Siemens Velaro Yüksek Hızlı Treni

Halkali terminal closed

Halkali terminal, the biggest terminal for railway traffic to Europe, was closed, because of the construction works between Cerkezkoy and Halkali.

Cerkezkoy terminal on charge

Cerkezkoy terminal became the backbone of European railway traffic. An additional bounded area for containers was constructed.

11. Transportation Forum

11. Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication Forum held with a considerable focus on railways.

Marmaray opened

Marmaray project commissioned in November. Only suburban train, only between Kazlicesme and Ayrilikcesme.

Marmaray Açıldı

Tekirdag Derince ferry started

The construction of ramp at Tekirdag and Derince completed after one year and ferry did its first service with empty tank wagons.

Kosekoy terminal reopened

Derince and Kosekoy terminals were opened to international railway traffic officially after completing all procedure about rail ferry service.


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