Europe and Asia to be ConnectedRailway Events

What will happen in 2014?

“Change” will probably be the most used word in Turkish railway world this year.

The companies, the routes, the rules, the speed, the terminals, the way of doing railway business will change this year in Turkey.

Here are the expected milestones of 2014:

Halkali terminal to open

Halkali Terminal will open most probably in first quarter of the year. Photo is taken in December 2013, only a few of the lines were ready by then.

Halkalı Terminali Açılıyor

Cerkezkoy terminal in silence

Cerkezköy Terminal will soon lose its charm since Derince and Halkali will get most of the traffic. But there’s now a big bounded container yard there and facilities are fast and effective. Some operators may still think of staying there.

Kosekoy terminal again

Kosekoy Terminal, being the biggest logistic center of TCDD in Asian side and with its new bounded storage area is expected to return to its lively days in the past.

Köseköy Terminali Eski Günlerine Dönüyor

New departure points for container trains

For more than a year, Çerkezköy was the only departure terminal for container trains. Then Tekirdag is added. And then Manisa. Soon we will see many different departure points both in European and Asian sides.

Europe and Asia to be connected

Currently Europe is connected only to a few terminals in Asian side. In the first quarter of 2014, the connection to further in Asian side will be compeleted, and wagons will be able to all Turkey and further contries as well.

Avrupa ve Asya Bağlanıyor

Bosphorus shuttle to start

Bosphorus Shuttle, the new mixed train of DB Schenker, will start running early this year.

Eurasia Rail in March

Word’s 4th biggest railway fair will open its doors in March in Istanbul.

High speed to İstanbul

The high speed train will start running between Istanbul and Ankara. The opening will most probably before elections, in March 2014.

Hızlı Tren İstanbul'da

Siemens Velaro on rail

The new high speed train sets, Velaro by Siemens, will start running in Turkey, between Istanbul and Ankara.

Hasanbey logistics center to open

Hasanbey Logistic Center, located next to industrial area in Eskisehir will be opened in March.

Hasanbey Lojistik Köyü Açılıyor

Un Ro-Ro to extend its container services

UN Ro-Ro will extend its container service by trains from Trieste to Europe.

Innotrans in September

World’s largest rail industry trade fair will be held in Berlin in September.

Innotrans Eylül'de

Izmir to be connected to Europe

Similar to Tekirdag Derince, Tekirdag Bandirma rail ferry service will begin in late 2014. By that, Izmir will be connected to Europe by rail, and Balo trains will start to move on Marmara.


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