Countries Operating High Speed Trains

High speed trains become more and more popular nowadays.

They almost become the best solution for passenger transportation with their fast and easy-to-use service for the route they’re running. Shares of them in all modes reaches to 90% in some routes.

Although there are some variations, in general the trains with 200 km/h on existing lines and 250 km/h on special tracks are accepted as high speed train.

Shinkansen was the first high speed train put in operation commercially. It started service between Tokyo and Osaka in 1964 with a speed of 250 km/h.

Since then high speed trains spreaded to all over the world and 11 other countries were added to list of “high speed train operators”.

Below is the full list of those countries with the charming fotos of their high speed train sets:

World’s Leading High Speed Rail Networks and Turkey
Turkey to Buy 106 New High Speed Trains
TCDD Prefers Velaro as HST Sets


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