Railway Companies

30k vehicles by rail

Last month, Omsan unveiled the new railway project, multimodal transportation of Dacia vehicles from Romania to Turkey.

76 - Omsan Otomobil Treni, Foto: Omsan ©

Omsan Otomobil Treni, Foto: Omsan ©

The vehicles, produced by Dacia Pitesti plant, are now loaded to double deck car carrier wagons, and transported to Constanta port as full trains. Trucking will be done by CFR. Then cars are loaded to vessel and transported to Turkey, to be stored in the parking lot of Omsan at Orhanli before distribution. Omsan is planning to transport an annual volume of 30,000 vehicles with this solution, so told Mr Kursat Unlu, Head of Finished Vehicle Transportation. This volume used to be transported by trucks for several years.

This shift is in parallel with the strategic decision of board of Dacia Groupe which was given in 2005.  Since then company concentrated on using full trains with specialized wagons for its products. In 2010, the company invested in Constanta Terminal for shunting operations. That year Dacia Group succeeded in shifting about 360 trucks/day to rail, one third of which was for finished vehicle transportation.

By now, Dacia Group in Romania is sending daily full trains to Constanta Port and France, and weekly trains to Italy and Germany.


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