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Who will operate Derince Port?

Derince Port is one of the biggest ports in North Marmara in terms of area. Since most of big ports in Marmara are generally container terminals and rest specialized in certain industries, Derince Port is the biggest port for general cargo in the region.

Derince Port is also distinguishing from other ports with the railway connection. Railway connections do not spreaded to all ports in Turkey, especially in North Marmara. A few has around Istanbul, and very limited except Haydarpasa. Haydarpasa Port is already out of focus since plans about that are focused on tourism. Derince Port, with 10 parking lines/ramps each has a block train length and being closer to Turkey’s biggest industrial regions, has a great importance.

Furthermore, Derince Port is the gate to Europe in railways for Asian side of Turkey. The trains in Asian side is carried to European side with rail ferry from this terminal. Port is also one of the two gates to CIS countries in railways via Black Sea. Rail ferries to Ilyichevsk/Poti are boarding from this port.

Derince Port is currently being operated by TCDD, and is in portfollio of Privitization Agency, and last year a tender was announced for the “operating of port for 36 years”. Last week tender was closed for new offers, and announced that 6 companies are in list.

Four of six companies are already port operators. Here are some notes about these six companies:

Cengiz Construction Company, well known from the big tenders recently done, 3rd airport of Istanbul and construction of Istanbul-Ankara high speed train line. No experience in maritime industry.

Ceynak Logistics, known as the winner of Samsun Port privatization tender. Samsun Port is the most important gate to CIS countries, both for trucks and rail ferries.

Kumport, a subsidary of Fiba Group, is the owner of Kumport founded in 1994 in European side of Istanbul, in Ambarli. Kumport is a frequently used port by Turkon and Maersk, and is one of the biggest container port in Turkey.

Safi Kati Yakit l is a subsidary of Safi Group and deals with the mining business. Company is the distributor of a Russian coal company, and importing one million tone of coal annualy. Company also has 4 bulk carriers for carrying coal.

The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company is a pretty old company from Great Britain, acquired by Dubai Ports World in 2016. Company is operating two ports in UK and has four ferry companies.

Yilport, a subsidary of Yildirim Group, is dealing with port operations. Starting its first operation in 2004, Yilport has now Yilport Gebze in Gebze, Yilport Gemlik and Gemport in Gemlik, Rotaport in Yarimca. Company is also operating Malta Freeport. Another company of the Yildirim Group, Eti Logistics owns railcars.

In one week, the offers of these six companies will be evaluated, and then a public auction will be done to determine the company to operate the port.

Derince Port was privatized with the same method in 2007 and Turkerler won that bidding with USD 195m. But Liman-Is, the union of the workers in the port had applied to court, and the court had cancelled the tender.

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  1. Tender is cancelled. None of the companies gave offer during public auction which had started with USD 516m.