Marmaray, Photo: Rail TurkeyRailway Infrastructure

Railway Investments of Turkey in 2014

Last week the 2014 budget of the government was approved in the Parliement. Expenses in the budget are planned as 436 billion TL, and investments as 47,5 billion TL.

As took place in media, railway investments are the most important item in the budget. One fourth of the investmens will be about transportation, and railway investments have the biggest share with 5,8 billion TL. This amount is almost two times of the budget for roads.

The biggest share in railway investments is Marmaray’s. One fourth of the railway budget is for the tunnel and the connected railway lines.

The renewal of the existing lines, which affected the freight trains in last two years, will continue in 2014. This year the budget for the renewals is even more than the 2013’s budget of 613 million TL.

Although high speed train investments are the second biggest item in total, they’re recorded under different projects. That’s why only Istanbul-Ankara high speed train is seen in below list. Together with the budget shares of Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Afyon, Bursa-Osmaneli high speed lines and rolling stock, investment in 2014 will be over 1 billion TL.

Here below are the 10 railway projects with biggest shares in 2014 budget:

Marmaray : 1.4 billion TL
Renewal of Existing Lines : 850 million TL
İstanbul Ankara High Speed Train : 640 million TL
Rolling Stock (Traction) : 312 million TL
Infrastructure Enhancement : 320 million TL
New Railway Construction : 225 million TL
Adapazarı-Karasu Port Railway : 172 million TL
Airport Connections in Istanbul : 151 million TL
Palu-Mus Railway : 150 million TL
Signalization : 130 million TL



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