Railway Events

New board for Railway Transport Association

Railway Transport Association (DTD) had elected its new board to be on duty for 2 years period.

Almost 90% of all 65 members of association has attended the general assembly. Elections were the main agenda of the assembly.

There were two lists as candidate for the board and one indepentent member. 9 board members, determined by elections, had determined the responsibilities in board as follows:

  • Chairman : Ozcan Salkaya (KLN Logistics)
  • Vice Chairman : Ibrahim Oz (Rinotrans)
  • Vice Chairman : Bekir Sami Gunsav (Yapiray)
  • General Secretary : Jan Berslen Devrim (Alisan)
  • Treasurer : Onur Gokhan Gollu (Reysas)
  • Member : Omer Faruk Bacanli (Medlog)
  • Member : Cihan Akin (Eti Logistics)
  • Member : Recep Zuhtu Soyak (Vako)
  • Member : Mehmet Siddik Oymen (Omsan)

With the same elections, the board of auditors are determined as follows:

  • Chairman : Adil Akcay (Mos Logistics)
  • Member : Faik Onur Uysal (Eksper Rail)
  • Member : Ilyas Ocal (Kale Transport)


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