Railway Events

Turkish railways in April

Here’s the upcoming issues about Turkish railways in April:

DTD elections

April will start with another election, this time for the board of Railway Transport Association. The elections will be held on 5th of April. A list of candidates for board has already been announced. Another would not be suprising.

3rd Annual Port & Rail Expansion Summit

Next week, a summit will gather the professionals of ports and railways together in Istanbul: 3rd Annual Port & Rail Expansion Summit. Hope that will help increasing the cooperation between ports and railways which is really a need.

Derince-Bilecik stretch opened

The opening of conventional line between Derince and Bilecik is completed, but we’ll have to wait now for the construction works between Bozuyuk and Eskisehir which is supposed to last a few weeks.

First anniversary of Rail Turkey

Rail Turkey will reach to its first year by 19th of April. In March, the fast growth of Rail Turkey continued reaching upto 6414 visits within the month. That means an increase of 22% compared with the previous month.

Wish you all a pleasent April.


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