Railway Infrastructure

Hasanbey logistic center opened in Eskisehir

One of the 18 logistic centers that TCDD had planned opened in Eskisehir on 19th of March.

By this logistic center, the logistic operations which until now had to be done at the station in the middle of the city will shift to out of city. Hence the large area of station will be able to be used for other projects like high speed train passenger station.

Construction of Hasanbey Logistic Center started in 2010 and costs 100 million TL. Center is built on a total area of 541k sqm, and has 365k sqm open area and 10k closed area for logistic operations. There are 19500 meter lines in the center, 6500 meter of which can be used for loading/unloading. Center has a handling capacity of 1.4 million ton/year.

Hasanbey Logistic Center is planned to connect with Eskisehir Industrial Zone in near future.

Another expectation is a connection to Gemlik Ports which are currently being used by Eskisehir industry. Bursa-Osmaneli high speed line which is under construction is told to be used by freight trains during night. But in addition to that line, Bursa-Gemlik connection is needed, which has not started yet.

If the warehouses in the city will move to this logistic center as expected and an efficient railway connection is constructed to industry zone, railway can be effectively used for the transports to ports in Mersin, Izmir and Derince.

The logistic center is expected to increase the exports from the city from 215k ton to 600k ton annually.


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