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Interferryboats announced new route for Turkey

Interferryboats (IFB), which had started running container trains between Turkey and Europe since 2010, had declared that a new route for its container trains via Constanta beginning from 16th of June.

The reasons for this route change are explained as construction works on infrastructure, Halkali not being accessible, weather related delays and failures, problems about transit through non-EU countries, inefficient cross border management and not being able to do customs clearance 7/24 in Turkey.

IFB trains have started to run from Constanta beginning from 16th of June, 2014. As announced by IFB, dedicated private locos are running for IFB trains through Trans Europe transport corridors. Dedicated short-sea vessels are running between Constanta and Turkey, terminals and ports are giving 7/24 service and customs clearance is faster and more efficient.

Containers of IFB are transported via two ports in Turkey, Limas (Izmit) and Ambarli (Istanbul). IFB trains have 3 departures per week from Constanta.

Click for details of IFB announcement.


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