Rail Freight

TCDD announced discount for transports to Iran

After announcement of discount for the international transports between Europe and Asia, TCDD now announced discount for transports to Iran as well.

According to this announcement, TCDD will make a discount of 10% in TEA tariff for Turkish part of the route for transports between Turkey and Iran.

Discount will be valid between 01.07.2014 and 31.12.2014, and will not be effective if route is less than 300 km in Turkey.

Last year, TCDD announced another 10% discount (by withdrawing the last increase) and transports in Iran direction started to increase again.

By the end of 2013, Iran Railways had increased the international tariff (by decreasing discount rates) and thus the traffic in eastern direction had affected negatively.

As known, Turkey’s only active international railway connection is with Iran. Railway connection with Syria is closed due to the politicial conditions. Thus Irak, which has only connection with Turkey via Syria is also disconnected. Railway connection with Armenia is kept closed. New railway construction to Georgia and Azerbaijan is under construction and is planned to complete next year.


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