Turkish PowerHaul On Way to Innotrans

A brand-new PowerHaul produced by Tulomsas, subsidiary of TCDD, under the license of General Electric is waiting at Kosekoy terminal on its way to Berlin, to take place at Innotrans 2014.

This PowerHaul, DE 29 006, is a diesel-electric locomotive. It has a diesel engine connected to an electrical generator creating electricity that powers electric traction motors. PowerHaul is liked among Turkish loco drivers because of its cabs in both ends.

This one is the third locomotive sold to Europe, and will be used in Germany after Innotrans. The transport of loco is being organized by DB Schenker. Since brakes of loco are off during transport, brake wagons are accompanying the loco.

General Electric and TCDD had unveiled the first Turkish PowerHaul in Innotrans 2012.

News and photo: Fatih S. ©
Translation: Onur Uysal

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