516 - Gotthard Tunnel - SBB

The new Swiss Gotthard base tunnel will open June 1st, 2016

After 17 years of construction, 550 meters above sea level and 2300 meters below the highest mountain crest, Switzerland will open with 57 km the world longest rail tunnel for trial runs after an investment of USD 12 billion.

479 - Euro Cargo Rail

Could French short line strategy also be a role model for Turkey?

With French national railway freight company Fret SNCF in deep financial and structural troubles in mid-2000 they capsized the single freight car traffic over 50 %.

Multi-billion dollar railroad investments in Turkey

What had been neglected for many decades should be modernize and extended until the 100 year anniversary of the Republic of Turkey in 2023: About 23.5 billion US-Dollars will be invested in infrastructure and rolling stock.