Who is Dr Mike Bent?

Dr. Mike Bent was born near Manchester in 1956.

He read Geography at Downing College, Cambridge and Transport Studies at Cranfield Institute of Technologly, Bedfordshire. He is now a full-time correspondent for a number of European rail transport and technology journals. He has also written several books on Norwegian and Spanish public transport history. At present he is preparing a series of books in Spanish on the regional history of Spanish railways.

Railvolution is a leading rail technology journal in Europe, established in the year 2001 under leadership of its chief-editor Jaromir Pernicka, offering in addition to professionally written features and news items an unsurpassed level of quality in layout, printing and illustrations. Magazine circulation is 20 000 copies. The magazine content is focused on railway activities in the whole world, that is to railway vehicles, infrastructure and sales.

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278 - Railvolution Demiryolu Magazini

Written by Railway Professionals

There are a number of railway professionals who accept to share their works in Rail Turkey. Please click to name at the end of article to get more information about the writer.


  1. For Dr Mike Bent. Mike, this is the only way I can find of (maybe) contacting you… Fyi, there’s a small reunion of ex-1978/9 CTS MSc graduates at Cranfield on Satuday 5th March 2016. If you want details, please contact me: Richard Guise at richard_guise@yahoo.com.

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