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Baku-Ankara train set is soon ready for delivery

The sleepers that will be used for Baku-Ankara train service are ready to be delivered to Baku very soon.

Stadler has completed the first set of sleepers for Azerbaijan Railways which are expected to start service in 3rd quarter of this year. The set will soon depart from Switzerland towards Azerbaijan.

Tests and acceptance have been completed for the first set of 10 cars by Stadler Rail and Swiss authorities. DB Systemtechnik made electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) measurements on 2 of those cars.

After customer acceptance in coming weeks it should be ready to start its delivery first week of March through Austria and Southeast Europe to Turkey. The sets will be transported to Azerbaijan using Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway.

It was announced by Azerbajian Railways that the Baku-Ankara service will start in 3rd quarter of 2019.

The second set is expected to start service next year.

by Peider Trippi & Onur Uysal
Cover photo: P.Trippi-Services ©


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