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Marmaray to open on 10th of March

The railway stretch crossing Istanbul from Gebze to Halkali is likely to open on 10th of March.

The Marmaray project which will be the backbone of Istanbul public transport is announced to open on 10th of March. Opening was postponed several times and project was almost stopped several times in the past, but this times opening seems very close.

Here’s the last status of project:


Laying of rails had been completed late 2018. Tracks are ready from Gebze to Halkali.

Electrification and signalization

Electrification and signalization works are almost completed. Works continue in some transformer stations. Signalization is being tested.


TCDD Tasimacilik started recruitment process for train drivers and other staff of Marmaray in late 2018.


Construction works continue inside buildings in some stations. Some have already been completed including landscape works.

Train sets

Train sets had already been produced over 5 years ago and were parked at Edirne. Now they are being brought to Istanbul one after the other.


Already opened underground section should be integrated with the soon to open surface lines. Kazlicesme was kept closed a couple of days in January, and Ayrilikcesme is closed until early March for the same reason.

Cover photo: Onur Uysal ©

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