929 - Çorlu tren kazası - onur gRailway Infrastructure

Are railway accidents increasing?

After two big train accidents in 2018, the question comes to mind: Is railway accidents increasing in last years.

Let’s see how number of train accidents change by year in last 18 years:

Train collisions

Train collisions are fully under control of railway staff, thus most avoidable ones.

The Ankara high speed train accident was also of this type. Here below is the graph of train collisions since 2000:

Train collisions in Turkey

Prevention of train collision is possible by signalization. The development of signalization on Turkish rail network is the main reason of above fall:

Signalized rail network (km)

The great portion of Turkish rail network is single track. People may think that collisions happen generally on such lines. On the contrary, multiple lines, when not signalized as in Ankara train accident, is more complicated to manage, thus may cause possibility of human errors.

Cover photo: Onur G. ©

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