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New railway signalization map of Turkey

Signalization in railway now becomes a popular subject after high speed train crash at Ankara.

Here’s the last status of signalization in Turkish railways:

CBTC for Halkali-Gebze

Currently CBTC is used between Ayrilikcesme-Kazlicesme. This allows high capacity usage. The whole Marmaray line (76 km from Halkali to Gebze) will use this system after opening at end of March.

ETCS L2 for Polatli-Konya

Communication by radio signals as a part of ETCS L2 system is only used at Polatli-Konya HST line in Turkey.

Turkish railways signalization map

ETCS L1 becomes standard in new projects

ETCS Level 1 provides communication between loco systems and signalization, thus improves both efficiency and security. This level becomes almost standard in most of the signalization works. Ankara-Istanbul HST line, Zonguldak-Irmak, Samsun-Kalin, Konya-Karaman-Ulukisla, Kayseri-Yenice, Eskisehir-Kutahya-Balikesir, Bandirma-Manisa lines will either already started to use this system, or will use after signalization works completed.

ETCS L0 in busy lines

In this level, line has basic signalization systems where locos have ATS equipments which prevent violation of speed limits and signals. Aliaga-Tepekoy which has very busy suburban, passenger and freight traffic, west of Cerkezkoy in European side, Gebze-Ankara-Kayseri stretch and Turkey busiest line, Divrigi-Iskenderun use this system.

Locally developed signalization for Denizli

Afyon-Denizli-Burdur-Isparta-Aydin-Ortaklar will be equipped with locally developed signalization system. This will be basic signalization system where whole line will be managed at a traffic center.

TMI will continue in 3000 km railway

Currently all lines where ETCS L1 signalization works continue and 3000-km-long railway without any signalization works are managed by TMI (managing trains by phone). Among these lines, there are popular passenger routes like Kars, Tatvan and Kurtalan. Railways connecting Afyon to Izmir, Kutahya and Konya are also managed by TMI. Izban trains are also managed by phone between Tepekoy-Selcuk.

Cover photo: Dusko Djuric ©

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