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Marmaray avoids Kadikoy for 1.5 months

Marmaray suburban trains will end the service at Uskudar and not call at Ayrilik Cesmesi for 1.5 months.

As Marmaray’s 2nd phase will be commissioned and suburban trains will start running on 76-km-long line in March, integration works of surface lines and underground lines will soon start. Due to engineering works, Marmaray trains will not call at Kazlicesme for one day and at Ayrilik Cesmesi for 43 days.

The changes in service are as follows:

Kazlicesme will be closed for one day

Marmaray trains will run between Ayrilikcesmesi-Yenikapi during Jan 19 21:00  – Jan 20. During this time free shuttles will run between Kazlicesme and Yenikapi. The buses will depart from Yenikapi instead of Kazlicesme.

Ayrilik Cesmesi will be closed for 43 days

Marmaray trains will run between Uskudar-Kazlicesme during Jan 21-Mar 4. Ayrilik Cesmesi is an important interchange station for Kadikoy-Tavsantepe metro. Many bus and dolmus services call there too. Thus municipality will operate free bus service between Ayrilik Cesmesi and Uskudar between 06:00-24:00 during these dates.

Marmaray suburban trains were announced to start running between whole route, Halkali-Gebze in first quarter of 2019.

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