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How to get to high speed train in Istanbul?

High speed train to Ankara has opened. But Pendik is far away from city center. Direct access with one public transport service is not possible from most of the major regions in Istanbul. And there are many different combinations. Therefore you have to decide which way to chose from several alternatives.

HSTs are now arriving at/departing from several stations in Istanbul: Bostanci, Sogutlucesme, Bakirkoy and Halkali. Read public transport solutions to get to those stations at How to get to high speed train stations in Istanbul?

Here are simplest ways to go to Pendik High Speed Train Station by public transport from major regions of Istanbul (last update: Sep 2018):

171 - İstanbul YHT ulaşım - Onur

Atatürk Airport
Sabiha Gökçen Airport

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  1. Hi there, we are taking the night train from Sofia to Istanbul and arriving into Halkali at 7:40am – we then need to travel to Pendik to take the train to ankara. Could you advise us the best way to travel from Halkali to Pendik and roughly how long it would take? The information online tells me different things! Thanks very much!


  2. are there no direct night trains from istanbul to ankara, and denzili to cappadocia


  3. I have American passport and have Turkish residency … l would like to travel form Istambul to Sofia for a few days and come back again to Itambul .. do l have to apply
    For Bulgarian visa .


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