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How to get to high speed train in Istanbul?

High speed train to Ankara has opened. But Pendik is far away from city center. Direct access with one public transport service is not possible from most of the major regions in Istanbul. And there are many different combinations. Therefore you have to decide which way to chose from several alternatives.

HSTs are now arriving at/departing from several stations in Istanbul: Bostanci, Sogutlucesme, Bakirkoy and Halkali. Read public transport solutions to get to those stations at How to get to high speed train stations in Istanbul?

Here are simplest ways to go to Pendik High Speed Train Station by public transport from major regions of Istanbul (last update: Sep 2018):

171 - İstanbul YHT ulaşım - Onur

Atatürk Airport
Sabiha Gökçen Airport

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    • M1 is now connected to Marmaray. So, for alternative 2 of Ataturk Airport, instead of bus, you can take M1 to Yenikapi. Less than 1 hour to Ayrilikcesmesi from airport. The last step by bus may take up to 1 hour depending on the traffic.

  1. Hi,
    Can anyone advise as to what the time taken would be for Alternatives 1 and 2 from both Taksim and Sultanahmet?

    I need to get to Eskisehir from Taksim/Sultanahmet, which is a better option, bus or high speed train? Even if a little more expensive, I would like to take the option that takes less time as I’m only spending 2 days in Turkey and don’t want to spend much time on travel. Thank you very much in advance for all your help.

    Best regards,

  2. the fastest way no matter how traffic is, using marmaray (sirkeci-ayrilikcesmesi) + metro (ayrilikcesmesi-kartal) and bus (kartal-pendik).. if you pass bridge by bus, travel time is totally unknown..

  3. Hello.

    I plan on taking the high speed train to Eskisehir. Which bus is it from Kartal to Pendik? Any other information about the bus system would be helpful also.


    • I would like to to go from Istanbul airport to high speed train station in Istanbul

    • For the time being, HSTs departing from Asian side. Take the airport shuttle to Kadikoy, walk to Sogutlucesme.

  4. Hello,

    I read it somewhere that PENDIK AND kAYNARCA Stations are already in operation on Metro line M4 . And it’s only a 10 minutes ride by taxi from Kaynarca station to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Is this really true?

    • Could you tell me if there is a bus from Kartal Metro station to S. Gokcen Airport (and how long is it in operation on Saturdays)?
      If there is no bus, can I get a taxi to Gokcen Airport and what would it cost from Kartal?

      Thank you

  5. Hi, just after some update…
    Quickest way to get to Pendik station from Ataturk airport.


  6. Can one take a high speed train from Ataturk Airport to to Sabiha Gökçen l . Or what is the best way to travel?

  7. I just love “running around” in Turkey and book as I go along. I am fortunate to have a sister in Istanbul. Have not used the YHT yet, so eager to go out to Ankara from Pendik. I also fly to Sabiha lately as it is a lot easier to get to my sister and to get to other cities in Turkey. Used the long distance bus services to different cities as I did not explore YHT option. Should be doing a lot more travelling in Turkey now if YHT prices are good.

  8. What time does the train leave for KONYA from the Pendik station. Is there a site where I can book the tickets? If so, please share the link asap. I will be leaving tomorrow for Konya so please respond

  9. Hi,

    What would be the best way to get to Pendik with our backpacks from Sirkeci Station?
    Thanks a lot for this page anyway!

    • Use Sultanahmet solution. Simple, fast, reliable. No need to get the tram to go to Sirkeci station, if you are already at Sirkeci.. 🙂

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  11. Hi!
    I need to get from Halkali Station to Nebethane Cad. near(South) of Sirkeci Station. Which is a better option? Which line do I need? (Arrival by train from Sofia avril 2018)
    Thanks for your time!

  12. My flight will reach SG Airport at around 8.00 pm and I wish to visit Cappadocia via Ankara with high speed train, what time does the train station close and open in Pendik YHT Gar, how much does it cost.

    • Looking for good advice on first visit to Istanbul and taking the fast train to Eskisehir.

      Arrival from airport 17:00 hours @ Istanbul SAW ~~~> Fast train to Eskisehir

      I have the app downloaded to buy e-tickets.

      Traveling near end of may. Do I need to order tickets 15 days before departure?

      Thank you!

    • You can buy 30 days prior to travel date. I strongly recommend to buy it early, since HST tickets sold out quickly. If could not find any seat, check before last hour since cancellations are done generally in that time.

    • Thank you Onur 🙏🏼

      I need 2 fast train tickets 🎫 for 29 may.

      I confirmed the flight this week & we stay in Eskisehir. Did not think train tickets would be a problem…

      What station do we leave from (Airport SAW) ?


      Fast train is important for us because my dad is old and can’t travel too long.

      Thanks for your service 🌟


    • Many options: 1-Easiest and fastest is getting a taxi from airport and get on train at Pendik. 2: Get on bus to Pendik. But frequency is weak. 3: Get on metro to Tavsantepe (4 stops) Walk 1 km to Pendik. 4: Get on metro to Kadikoy (last stop). Walk through shops to Sogutlucesme (1 km). 5: Get on metro to Ayrilikcesmesl (station before last stop) Get suburban train (Marmaray) to Sogutlucesme (1 stop). Do not think replacing 1km walks with taxi.

    • Thanks again Onur. 👍🏼👍🏼

      Do you think we can get 2 fast train tickets for 29th of may and for the return 12 june?

      1. Ista Eski 🚅
      2. Eski Ista 🚅

      We leave early on 12th of June because plane departure is 8:50

      Wow I thought booking train tickets would be easy.

      Is it possible to make a reservation and take over the train tickets? This is going to be a big challenge…

      Ok I will keep looking for a solution.

    • Train tickets are on sale 30 prior to departure. So by mid may, you can buy both. I guess you’ll return back to Ist on 11th, not 12th, right? Flight is so early.

  13. Hi there, we are taking the night train from Sofia to Istanbul and arriving into Halkali at 7:40am – we then need to travel to Pendik to take the train to ankara. Could you advise us the best way to travel from Halkali to Pendik and roughly how long it would take? The information online tells me different things! Thanks very much!

  14. are there no direct night trains from istanbul to ankara, and denzili to cappadocia

  15. I have American passport and have Turkish residency … l would like to travel form Istambul to Sofia for a few days and come back again to Itambul .. do l have to apply
    For Bulgarian visa .

  16. Great 👍🏼

    I thought we could catch an early fast train on the 12th of June and then fly back ✈️. But now I think we have to travel by (fast train 🚆) on the 11th and stay a night in Istanbul.

    Just se that the Champions League final is on the 10th. Would be nice to get tickets for the final 😃

    Thanks again Onur 👍🏼👍🏼




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