Railway Infrastructure

Will huge investment fund of TCDD be sufficient for mega projects?

Development Ministry announced investment funds of state-owned economic enterprises for next 3 years. TCDD got the biggest share among all. Here are the investment funds of TCDD:

(million TL) 2015 2016 2017
TCDD’s Fund 5 000 5 529 6 094
Total Funds 11 061 12 154 13 173

On the other hand, TCDD has a number of mega projects which are already scheduled and budgeted. Here’s the list and costs of investments of TCDD already announced by last year:

Construction of High Speed Train Lines

Four high speed lines under construction (Istanbul-Ankara, Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Izmir, Bursa-Osmaneli) needs 2 750 million TL/year.

High Speed Train Sets

TCDD planned to buy 112 new high speed train sets until 2021. This means 1.3 billion TL investment every year. But new sets may wait for the completion of high speed lines, so not before 2018. On the other hand, there are 6 sets already ordered, and 10 sets about to be ordered. That means around 450 million TL/year.


TCDD is increasing electrified/signalized lines every year. Until 2016, 820 million TL will be needed in average ever year.


850 million TL is budgeted for renewal works of current lines in 2014. Budget of 2015 is not determined yet, but one renewal tender of 364 km had already been announced. Samsun – Kalin project will start in 2015.

Other Investments

TCDD has a budget of 900 million TL in 2014 for extending and modernizing its rolling stock, renewal of stations, logistics centers etc. This will surely continue in 2015 including new PowerHaul locos, reconstruction of stations on high speed lines and completing logistic centers like Halkali. Thus, TCDD will need funding for these also.

Above are the investments which are expected to have priority. But there are still other railway projects to be funded, biggest of which are as follows:

  • Sivas – Erzincan Railway (4 490 million TL)
  • Construction of new lines (4 530 million TL)
  • Nurdag-Gaziantep Railway (1 790 million TL)
  • GAP (South East Anatolia) Project (1 580 million TL)



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