Rail Freight

Domestic freight rates to increase by 5%

TCDD announced a 5% increase in domestic freight rates to be valid from 05.01.2015.

New tariff increased the unit cost of km-ton from 0.07460 TL to 0.0784 TL.

The minimum charge for a wagon will be 179 TL.

For 2ax wagons, minimum chargable load is 20 to, and 40 to for wagons with more axles.

For distances up to 150 km, 9.35 TL/to is charged where the longest distance, 2500 km, will be charged as 199.58 TL/to.

Unit cost of Tekirdag-Derince ferry is 56 TL/to and Van Lake ferry is 31.50 TL/to.


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