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Who is Petr Kaderavek?

Editor at Railvolution.

He’s following the developments on European railway since about 2000, both on the field of technics and changes of “climate” (move to liberalisation, dismissing borders, attempts to attract railway in freight carriage). He is interested in intermodal transport on railway and also the other systems aimed at increasing of role of railway in freight traffic. He also keeps his eyes on railway technologies which might help railway to increase its utilization.

Railvolution is a leading rail technology journal in Europe, established in the year 2001 under leadership of its chief-editor Jaromir Pernicka, offering in addition to professionally written features and news items an unsurpassed level of quality in layout, printing and illustrations. Magazine circulation is 20 000 copies. The magazine content is focused on railway activities in the whole world, that is to railway vehicles, infrastructure and sales.

Please click for more info about magazine and subcription.

230 - Petr Kaderavek

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