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Why Marmaray rail cars are in depot?

Recently a discussion about Marmaray rail cars which are not in use had started.

It’s said that 38 Marmaray sets cannot be used due to their length and left in depot. TCDD’s answer was that those sets have not been accepted yet. Here are some questions and answers about this discussion:

Are there any Marmaray wagons to stay at depot?

According to Marmaray official website, 100 of total 440 rail cars (20 five-cars-sets) will be used temporarily by the opening on 29th of October. The rest (34 ten-cars-sets) is thought to be used by the completion of project.

Why ten-cars-sets cannot be used?

There is a simple answer for that. There’s no need. Five-cars-sets are enough for current service. Marmaray can run with these rail cars upto a frequency of every six minutes. It would be suprising not to use the ten-cars-sets due to shunting problems. Extension of railway for 100 meters in both stations will be enough for that.

Have ten-cars-sets delivered?

It’s better to examine budget for this. The rail cars worth 1.72 billion TL. 200 million TL was spent in 2014. 150m will in 2015. Thus, 90% of total will have been used by the end of 2015, where rest is expected to be spent in 2016. Since production of all Marmaray rail cars had already been completed, these payments in 2014, 2015 and 2016 may be for official delivery.

Have ten-cars-sets produced earlier than needed?

According to contract, Marmaray was planned to be completed by mid-2015. Marmaray rail cars were ordered to be delivered starting with 2011 and to be completed by 2014. But completion of 2nd phase of project, the modernization of suburban lines, is postponed to 2016. So the rail cars, produced according to original plan, will park for about 2 years before starting service.

Has Marmaray project delayed?

It would not, if it were completed by June 2015. Now the target is to complete in 2016. 40% of the second phase of Marmaray project is completed by 2014. That will reach to 70% this year, and is planned to be completed by 2016.

Cover Photo: Selim Emre Eroğlu ©


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