2015 plans in HST projects in Turkey

It’s not easy to follow the development of high speed train projects in Turkey from media.

Here’s the guide for budgeted plans of high speed train projects:


High speed train service between Istanbul and Ankara had started, but construction works continue in some parts. 700m TL (about €250m) will be spent this year. Greatest portion will be for the line between Vezirhan and Kosekoy. Another big portion is for the high speed train depots in Istanbul and Ankara. Line is planned to be completed in 2016 except Sincan-Kayas (innercity part in Ankara). So 3.5 hours of travel time will be possible after 2 years.


Budget for the 393 km long Ankara-Sivas line is 400m TL. By the end of 2015, 90% of the project will be completed. Completion of project is 2018.


Construction works will proceed slowly in the 487 km long Eskisehir-Afyon-Usak-Manisa-Izmir line. Budget is 200m TL. The completion will reach to 9% by the end of 2015 in this 4.2b TL project.


The project is originally 215 km long Bandirma-Bursa-Osmaneli. Bursa-Osmaneli section has priority. Budget is 150m TL this year. By the end of this year, 59% of project will be completed.


234 km long, 4.76b TL worth Sivas Erzincan high speed line has a very little budget (40m TL) this year.


230 km long, 2b TL worth Halkali Kapikule line will not start this year. This project may be funded by EU.

Other Projects

TCDD has a budget of 62m for the preliminary studies on new lines. Eskisehir-Antalya, Erzincan-Kars, Kirikkale-Corum-Samsun and Yerkoy-Ulukisla has 2m TL budget each. Rest will most probably used in “recently announced projects” like Kosekoy-Halkali, Kayseri-Nevsehir-Antalya, Karaman-Mersin-Habur and Sivas-Malatya. Another project which found lots of space in newspapers, Ankara-Istanbul Very High Speed Line which offers a travel time of 1.5 hour has a very little budget (3m TL).


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