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Swapbody train to France in March

The swapbody train which used to give service between Turkey and Germany, is going to start running between Turkey and France soon.

The service is being organized by Transfesa and DB Schenker Rail. First train is planned to depart in March 2015 and will run between Noisy, France and Derince, Turkey. Service is planned to have 4 weekly departures in each direction. Renault will be the main customer of the trains.

This train will be the first regular block train between Turkey and France. Last year, a couple of trials had been done regarding this service.

Mega swapbodies used in this train allows loading of goods with 3mt height. They also allow loading from sides with curtains on both sides.

Spanish company Transfesa was acquired by DB a few years ago. Transfesa is running also regular block trains between Spain and Germany.

DB Schenker Rail had opened an office in Turkey for direct contact with Turkish customers. DB Schenker Rail is the operator of Ulusoy Logistics’ trailer trains.

Renault is the leading client for truck transportation between Turkey and France. Shifting to rails may force other exporters to France to use trains.

Swapbody trains used to be operated by Transfesa and Omsan Logistics between Turkey and Germany for almost 10 years. Ford was the main client of those trains. Service ended at the beginning of 2013.


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