Railway Companies

Renault loads to Turkey by rail

Start of Derince-Tekirdag ferry service and opening of Derince-Eskisehir line speeds up new railway logistic projecsts.

Last week, the first swapbody train after months had arrived to Derince. By that, Oyak Renault, which seeks for a stable railway solution, had the chance to enter to “automotive companies using train” club with its loads from Germany.

The Spanish railway company Transfesa is the organizer of the train, where trucking is completely done by Schenker until Turkey. The swapbodies of Omfesa, the jv company of Transfesa and Omsan Logistics are used for the train. With 3mt inner height, swapbodies provide very similar usage to truck trailers.

Swapbody train was operated by Omfesa for years for the transport of spare parts of Ford from Germany to Turkey. Currently Ford is using a trailer train + roro solution via Triste which is being organized by Mars Logistics.


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