TCDD Loco. Photo: Rail TurkeyRail Freight

Turkish railway industry report 2013 – Freight

TCDD recently published its regular annual report, Railway Industry Report 2013.

The report includes current status of railway network in Turkey and rolling stock of TCDD as well as the operational results of 2013 in both freight and passenger transport.

Here are some headlines from the report about the freight:

Tonnage of freight by rail reached to 26.2 million to. It was 25.7 million to in 2012.

First 51 clients of TCDD had84% of all transports.

Exports by rail is 578k to in 2013 (35% decrease compared to 2012). 419k is in European direction and rest in Asian direction.

Imports by rail is 1.11 million to (9% decrease compared to previous year). Almost all is from Europe (1.02 million to).

Transit loads by rail increased from 11k to to 21k to.

Private wagons reach to 3491.

7.06 million to carried by private wagons (10% increase compared to 2012). This amount is 27% of all railway freight.


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