High Speed Train Set in Turkey. Photo: Rail TurkeyPassenger

Turkish railway industry report 2013 – Passenger

Passenger transportation has become important more than ever in recent years for TCDD.

In addition to high speed trains which have a very big portion in market shares, TCDD announced very big urban mass transit projects like Marmaray and Izban. Thus, information and evaluation about passenger transportation started to have considerable place in Railway Industry Report. Here are some notes about passenger transportation in Railway Industry Report 2013:

Ridership by Izban (Izmir) is more than 61 million passengers (21% increase compared to 2012). This is 70% of all urban services (Ankara, Marmaray, Haydarpasa, Sirkeci).

There’s a very slight increase in ridership of main passenger trains. 16.7 million passengers transported by rail in 2013.

Ridership of high speed trains increased by 25% and reached to 4.2 million.

99k used international passenger trains (Tehran, Tabriz, Bucharest) in 2013. It was 125k previous year.

Occupancy rate is 76%, on-time departures are 95% in high speed trains.

Market share of high speed trains reached to 70% between Ankara-Eskisehir, 66% between Ankara-Konya and 55% between Konya-Eskisehir.

Incomes of TCDD decreased by 1% where expenses increased by 11%. Net loss is 1.3 billion TL (46% increase compared to 2012).


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