Workers’ union warns for Istanbul-Ankara HST

The Union of Workers in Transportation (BTS) organized a press conference and claiming the possible safety risks about soon-to-open Istanbul-Ankara high speed train. Here are headlines from the press release:

Due to incomplete management/tracking system, different systems will be used between Ankara and Istanbul, Ankara-Karakoy (ERTMS), Karakoy-Bilecik (CTC), Bilecik-Alifuatpasa (ERTMS), Alifuatpasa-Kosekoy (CTC) and Kosekoy-Gebze (TMI). There’ll be no unique center for tracing during whole route, control of the train will be handovered 4 times on way.

Signalling is not completed between Eskisehir-Alifuatpasa and Sapanca-Gebze. Thus, security systems of train sets will not run properly.

Trains will run between Gebze-Pendik one single lane without any signalling systems which is dangerous and is also the cause of test train accident.

High speed train will not be able use separated and secured special lanes but will use conventional line in some parts. Special lane is a must for high speed trains.

The construction works for third lane next to high speed line between Izmit and Pendik will be dangerous for running trains.

There’s an incline of 0,36% between Vezirhan and Kosekoy which is not appropriate for high speed trains.

The line is not accredited by international independent organizations.

Click for the original press release (in Turkish).


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