Monorail Projects of Istanbul

The monorail projects of Istanbul, announced one after the other, managed to take interest of the world (see one at Business Insider).

Seven monorail projects with a total length of 44 km have found great space in media, all of which are also shown in rail transportation map of Istanbul.

The interesting issue about is that these seven projects are well-known than the three others, despite these three are far ahead.

Two of them have already analyzed and took place in investment program of Istanbul: Libadiye and Sefakoy-Basaksehir monorails. These projects worth 970m TL in total and planned to be completed by 2019.

The last one is Tuzla Monorail, where a tender has just opened for the preliminary analysis of the project.

Here are all monorail projects of Istanbul:

Project Km Status
Libadiye 11,6 Preliminary analysis completed. Costs 292m TL. Deadline 2019. Not started yet.
Sefakoy – Halkali – Basaksehir 4,5 Preliminary analysis completed. Costs 678m TL. Deadline 2019. Not started yet.
Tuzla 5 Tender opened for preliminary analysis.
Kartal – D100 3 Awaiting for preliminary analysis.
Sabiha Gokcen Airport – Formula 7,7 Awaiting for preliminary analysis.
Maltepe – Basibuyuk 3,6 Awaiting for preliminary analysis.
4. Levent – Gultepe – Celiktepe – Levent 5,5 Awaiting for preliminary analysis.
Sefakoy – Kuyumcukent – Airport 7,2 Awaiting for preliminary analysis.
Atasehir – Umraniye 11,1 Awaiting for preliminary analysis.
Beyoglu – Sisli 5,8 Awaiting for preliminary analysis.
Sum 65  

Photo: Scott Smith ©

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