Halkali Terminal

Halkali Terminal is the most important international freight terminal of Turkey locating in European side of Istanbul with closed warehouses and container storage facilities.

Halkali Terminal will also be the main station in European side for high speed trains and Marmaray.

Halkalı Lojistik Merkezi

General Information

Station code is 08924 – 3
Open to freight traffic
Open to international traffic
Weighbridge does not exist
No loading gauge meter



There are 5 lines at the terminal
7 sidings for handling (7×400 m long)
3 of 7 sidings for container/semi trailer/long/heavy cargo handling


Bounded area
55000 sqm open storage area
67000 sqm covered storage area

Distance to Borders

Kapıkule / Svilengrad (BG) : 278 km
Uzunköprü / Phytion (GR) : 240 km
Kapıköy / Razi (IR) : 2038 km
Nusaybin / Kamichli (SYR) : 1903 km *
Islahiye / Meydankbez (SYR) : 1369 km *
Çobanbey (SYR) : 1633 km *
Doğu Kapı (AM) : 2022 km *
Ahılkelek/Akhalkalaki (GE) : 2063 km **

* Rail border crossings to Syria and Armenia are closed
** Border crossing to Georgia is under construction


TCDD Tel: +90 212 678 47 93
Halkalı Kooperatifi (truck union) tel: +90 212 678 50 50

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©

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