Rolling Stock

Tudemsas to start production of new generation Y25 bogie

Tudemsas is certificated for the production of bogies in TSI standards. This is also an important step for the production of freight wagons in TSI standards.

Production of bogies is being done in cooperation with Rail Tur, a private company in Kayseri manufacturing freight wagons and spare parts. Bogies produced by RailTur are also being used in Europe.

NoBo for the certification of Tudemsas and its subcontractor RailTur is Vyzkumny Ustav Zeleznicni (VUZ) from Czech Republic.

Tudemsas’s next target is completing the certification process for producing freight wagons in TSI standards after the audit process in May.

New rules by OTIF obligates all wagons produced after December 2012 to be compatible with the new rules, TSI (Technical Specifications for Interoperability). The wagons produced according to TSI have TEN sign on them.

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