Railway Infrastructure

2020 targets for railway in Europe

Not only Turkey, but also Europe has long term targets for railway.

Europe is expecting a 60% increase in demand for rail freight, thus CER (The Community of Europen Railway and Infrastructure Companies) has the following targets:

  • Bring the market share of rail from 17% to 23%
  • Increase the commercial punctuality of block trains to 97% with 60 minuttes tolerance (trucks have 95% punctuailty)
  • Increase the commecial speed of block trains to 60km/h (trucks have 50 km/h)
  • Provide 90% correct ETA information

For these CER focuses on 6 main freight corridors in Europe. The target is to achieve following critearias in these routes:

  • Increase the train length to min 750m in and min 1000m in some intermodal routes. min 1500m is adviced in long term.
  • Standardize the axle load at 22,5to/axle. 90% of the theese corridors already have this.
  • All these corridors meet the loading gauge of GB/PC45 which allows high-cube containers and rolling highway. But GC/PC400 is prefered in long term.
  • Increase the technical speed of the lines to above 100 km/h (93% of the corridors meet this criteria).
  • ETCS/ERTMS Level 2 is the minimum target value in these corridors. Level 3 is adviced in long term.
  • GSM-R will be the only telecommunication method accepted in these corridors.
  • 2 tracks in all these corridors
  • Reach to 100 trains/day in each direction of a double-track line.

These need not only infrastructure upgrades, but also;

  • Rail cars with stronger coupling system
  • Non air-pressure-based breaking systems
  • Stronger traction units
  • Longer feeder lines and customer sidings
  • New marshalling yards


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