441 - Çorlu Terminali - Eksper

Corlu terminal

Corlu Terminal is 100 km west of Istanbul, at 154th km of Istanbul-Kapikule railway.

Biggest disadvantage is being far away from customs. Since it’s far away from residental areas, Corlu is prefered for loading/unloading of dangerous goods.

General Information

Station code is 08514 – 2
Open to freight traffic
Open to international traffic
Weighbridge does not exist
No loading gauge meter


There are 7 lines at the terminal
1 sidings for handling (246 m long)


No open storage area
No covered storage area

Distance to Borders

Kapıkule / Svilengrad (BG) : 166 km
Uzunköprü / Phytion (GR) : 128 km
Kapıköy / Razi (IR) : 1927 km
Nusaybin / Kamichli (SYR) : 1792 km *
Islahiye / M.Ekbez (SYR) : 1258 km *
Çobanbey (SYR) : 1522 km *
Doğu Kapı (AM) : 1911 km *
Ahılkelek/Akhalkalaki (GE) : 1952 km **

* Rail border crossings to Syria and Armenia are closed
** Border crossing to Georgia is under construction


TCDD Tel: +90 282 651 12 96
Çorlu Kooperatifi (truck union) tel: +90 282 676 47 44

Cover Photo: Eksper Rail ©

Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.

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