Velaro started service on Ankara-Konya line

The first of 7 Siemens Velaro HST sets, which was ordered by TCDD in 2013, started service on Ankara-Konya line.

The HST set departed from Ankara at 8:55 to Konya.

The set was delivered to TCDD in 2014. Test runs have been completed since then, and registered as HT80000 serie in TCDD fleet.

The new turquaz livery, determined by public votes via internet, is used for the first time on this new HST set.

The HST set has 111 seats in “business class” with 2+1 configuration, and 333 seats in “economy class” in 2+2 configuration. There’s also a restaurant with 16 seats and place for 2 wheelchairs.

This set will depart from Ankara at 08.55, 13.30, 18.20 and from Konya at 11.20, 15.50, 21.15 everyday.

Timetables of high speed train services have not changed for now. Although Velaro is faster, it’s running with the same speed of other sets. It takes 103 minutes from Ankara to Konya, and 95 minutes from Konya to Ankara with the new set.

This new set with registration number HT80001 was built based on Siemens Velaro D (Class BR 407), produced for Deutsche Bahn with some small changes according to TCDD’s needs. This set has a maximum speed of 320 km/h and has 444 seats except bistro (see Velaro D datasheet). Other six sets which will be delivered starting with next year will have a speed of 300 km/h and seat capacity more than 500 (see Velaro TR datasheet). The “bistro” is expected to be turned into additional seat capacity in new sets.


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