Bozuyuk Logistics Center

Bozuyuk Logistics Center is one of the 19 logistic centers TCDD has planned to construct. The construction works in Bozuyuk has not started yet, only preliminary analysis had been completed. The center will be built on a 650k sqm area, have a handling capacity of 1.9 mn tonnes and give service to Bozuyuk Industrial Region.

Bozüyük Lojistik Merkezi

General Information

Open to freight traffic
Close to international traffic
Weighbridge exists
No loading gauge meter



There are 10 lines at the terminal
8 sidings for handling (1500 + 7×1000 m long)
Sidings for palletized, bulk and dangerous good (1500 m in total) and 7 sidings for containers (7×1000)


Bounded area
450 000 sqm open storage area
No covered storage area


Cover photo by Elit Proje

rt media consultancy


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